Transporter Booth!

This page is OBSOLETE and is no longer updated!

Teleport To...

Gaultier's International Space Station
No Warning Teleport to ISS
Dazee's 13th Floor II skyPAZ
Tablatronix Pad
Myrmex Erraticism on High over Burojo
DSX's Casa Tenchi over Motu Motu
North Pole

Use this web page any time you want to teleport to one of the preset hotspots above. Also, you can manually type in any sign DOID above and press the Teleport button. Some other DOID objects may work too, just try them. To see DOID objects, press Ctrl-Shift-D in-game, and press it again to turn off visible DOID objects.

Note: Contact BitBasher if you'd like a "hot" teleport link added to this page. If a link doesn't work, usually the owner has removed their sign or it has timed out.